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OBJECTIVE: At the end of This lesson, pupils should be able to use new item in their own speech.

REFERENCE: English for Africa 4th page.




I Will give an exercise on the pronunciation of simple past of regular verbs


T. Class pronounce the following simple past of regular verbs.

Punished, finished, tried, worked, pronounced.


I Will present the day’s lesson to pupils and make It repeated and write It on the BB.


T. class to day we have a vocabulary lesson on the text « At. the hospital.

T: write the title in your school diaries.

1 Young old (adj)

E. g: your uncle is old but your father is Young

2 To miss (v) rater: Bola missed bus because. He was late

3 Patient (n) ill.: e.g.: At. the hospital There are a lot of the patients.

Her mother is patient at. the hospital.

4 To wait for (v) e.g.: the patient waits for doctor.

I’m waiting for money.

Bench(n): At. the hospital There is a bench.  


I Will ask pupils to make their own sentences using new item.


T. Class make your own sentences using new item.

See pupil sentences. 


I Will ask pupils to Read present action & production sentences.


T. class Read (pres) all sentences on the BB.


I Will put an exercise on the BB and, ask pupils to fill the blanks spaces 


T. class fill the blank spaces with new item

1. I ‘am happy because my Brother is…

2. my father has to pay visit to a …





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