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Indefinite article omission
Matériel didactique : Craie de couleur
Objectif opérationnel : At the end of the lesson pupils should be able to build a sentence then justify its omission


Insert a/an if necessary

  1. We have not… good iron
  2. Shall I take …. Hour or two?
  3. …. Doctor is asking for you
  4.  What … impolite girl
  5. She always buys … hundred papers


  1. We have not…A good iron
  2. Shall I take An …. Hour or two?
  3. …A. Doctor is asking for you
  4.  What An… impolite girl
  5. She always buys A… hundred papers



Indefinite article is not used:

  • In front of plural nouns
  • In front of uncountable nouns
  • In front of language unless it is definite a French book
  • In front of meal name or food
  • In front of materials

T. what have you in your school bag?

T. What did mother buy this morning?

T. What are salt and sugar?

T. Do you speak English or Swahili?

T. Does she take breakfast herself?

T. Do old people need meat?

T. Do we drink coffee or tea?

T. What is your Furniture made of?









P. I have copybook and books

P. Mother bought salt and sugar

P. They are Uncountable nouns

P. I speak Swahili well

P. Yes she always takes breakfast herself

P. No old people do not need meat

P. We drink tea

P. it’s made of wood


Pupils build sentence with indefinite article omission.

Build sentence with indefinite article omission

  1. You don’t bring papers
  2. Did he drink beer at the ceremony?
  3. You fear of death
  4. They want to speak Spanish

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