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Practice 6 : Taking a Train

Taking a Train

A : Ticket…tickets, please. May i see your ticket, Miss ?

B : Yes ! Uh., now where did i put it ? Just a moment, let me look for it.

A : Sure

B : In my bag ? No, it is on the seat, the floor ? No, oh ! Here it is in my pocket.

A : Thank you. Are you going all the way into the city ?

B : Yeah ! The semester’s out and i just took my last exam, so i’m going to go sightseeing in Chicago.

A : is this your first time riding the train to Chicago ?

B : No, this is my second time, but i don’t remember much. I came with my parents when i was 3

A : well, i’d suggest changing seats. The view’s much better on that side of the train.

B : Thank you, i’ll do that.

A : And hold on to you ticket. You might be asked for it again. Have a nice trip.

B : Thanks for your help. Maybe i’ll see you again when i come back.