New version in september 2024!

Administor and school Directors

A platform designed to streamline the administrative and pedagogical management for your school.


What Schoolap can do for your school

Comprehensive overview

Schoolap provides a comprehensive overview of your school, encompassing finances, attendance, and pupil performance, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Enhancing Communication

Schoolap facilitates communication among staff, teachers, students, and parents, fostering effective coordination and transparent monitoring of school activities

Simplified Administrative Management

Schoolap centralizes administrative management, including staff and pupil management, report generation, and communication with staff and parents.

New features for September 2024

As an administrator or school Director, you have access to over 50 features on Schoolap. Here are the most important ones:

Access your account from anywhere, with or without internet connectivity.

Discover Schoolap, an application that seamlessly operates on computers, tablets, or phones, providing a consistent online or offline experience, ensuring access to quality education wherever you are.