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Practice 7 : Taking a Bus

Taking a Bus

A : Tyler, do you know of an easy way to get to the airport ? I’m flying home for the holiday.

B : why don’t you take the bus, Sylvia that’s what i always do when i fly.

A : Okay, but i don ‘t know any thing about the bus service here.

B : well, let me ask you… have you ever heard of « Fast pass » ?

A : No, not untill now. Is that a bus line ?

B : Yes, it is. It will take you straight to your terminal at 0’Hare.

A : That sounds like what i need. Do you know now much it costs ?

B : The last time i took it, i was $ 30 one-way. Let me see if i have their card in my wallet. Yeah, here it is. You should call 1-800-500-500 to reserve a seat.

A : So, do i have to make a reservation ?

B : No, you don’t have to, you know but it’s better if you do. That way you can make sure you’ve got a seat. They’re party crowded at times, especially around holidays.

A : Uh, i think you said 1-800-500-500 right ? I’ll give them a call when i get home. Thanks a lot, Tyler.