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Practice 4


Juanita : hi steve. So that was your car. I saw, i thought you always ate at the dorm

Steve : Hi Juanita, most of the time i do but on Fridays and weekends, i like to go out

Juanita  : listen, you want to help me finish my fries. I shouldn’t have ordered the large

Steve : Thanks. They look good. Uh, by the way Juanita, can i ask where you’re from ?

Juanita  : I’m from Isabela, a town in Puerto rico. Why ?

Steve : Well, you speak English fluenly, and your Spanish is perfect

Juanita  : I’ve used both languages ever since, i can remember. My parents made sure. I attended schools where they spoke English

Steve : I’d love to be bilingual. I’ve studied Chinese for five years, but i know i’ll never speak like a native.

Juanita  : let me ask you something, Sebastian do you ever dream in Chinese ?

Steve : Hum, yes. I do sometimes. I that a good sign ?

Juanita  : it shows that you’re making progress. I bet you know more Chinese than you think you do