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Practice 5 : Taking a taxi

Practice 5 : DIRECTION

Taking a taxi

A : Can you take me to civic opera house, please ?

B : Sure thing. Are you going to that musical that’s playing there ?

A : Yes, but it starts at six. Do you think we’ll make it in time ?

B : Traffic’s light and we’re not far away. I’ll get you there in about 10 minutes.

A : Great. I was late last time i went, and i couldn’t get in till intermission. That’s not good of you’re a theater critic for the paper like i am.

B : Well, don’t worry, this time you’ll have plenty of time to spare ...  A short time later.

B : here you are, Sir, Civic Opera House. What did I tell you? you’re thirty minutes early

A : i sure appreciate it. How much do i owe you ?

B : Seventeen twenty-five.

A : Okay, here’s a twenty. Keep the change.

B : Thank you Sir. Enjoy the show.

A : I will thank you.